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The objectives of the Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts are to foster the exchange of ideas and information among and between Alliance members; to encourage and promote the advancement of common interests of fire protection districts; to develop a regional resource bank of information; to present educational programs, seminars and materials particularly aimed at the specialized needs of northern Illinois fire protection districts; to develop and encourage cooperation among fire protection districts; to provide a vehicle and forum for the unified expression of opinions and positions by members upon political, economic or social matters or events of concern to the members of the NIAFPD.

The NIAFPD was established in order to:

  • Educate its members and the public regarding the functions and responsibilities of fire protection districts as prescribed by law.

  • Ensure adequate resources to fund local fire protection, prevention, rescue, and emergency medical programs.

  • Monitor and impact legislation affecting the operation and effectiveness of the services they provide the residents of the district, including all pertinent state mandates which affect fire protection districts.

NIAFPD Member Benefits


The Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts represents its members in many ways. One of the most important areas is legislative. Through the NIAFPD and often in cooperation with other major fire service organizations we support legislation beneficial to fire protection districts and the fire service of Illinois in general. We actively oppose legislation we feel will not benefit fire protection districts. Our highest priority issue is to continue to actively pursue an additional source of revenue for all Illinois fire protection districts. Liz Brown who is highly respected by both political parties represents the NIAFPD in Springfield as our lobbyist.


The Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts in 1994 organized its Political Action Committee or PAC as it is more commonly referred to. The PAC was formed as part of the Legislative Committee to generate and foster awareness by legislators of the goals and functions of fire protection districts within their various jurisdictions. The committee strives to generate support and encourage legislation that will meet the needs of the fire service and the communities served by fire districts. The PAC’s presence has made an impact, and has made it easier for our lobbyist to approach leaders and legislators alike with our issues and concerns. The Political Action Committee has become an important part of the NIAFPD. All lobbying groups are competing for the sympathetic ear of legislators, and just about all of these groups have access to political action committee. Therefore, this part of our organization is vital to maintaining a competitive edge in our legislative endeavors.


Hosted by the Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts in conjunction with the Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts and the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association, this annual event brings together trustees, fire chiefs and legislators from throughout the state to discuss issues in a relaxed social setting. Our collective goal is to share a common theme amongst the three fire service organizations and to promote fair legislation on our behalf. This event is held in Springfield in the spring.

NIAFPD Member Benefits


An annual educational conference for trustees, commissioners, chiefs/administrators, and administrative staff is held annually. During the annual conference members gather to exchange ideas and information. In addition, very informative programs are presented that are designed to help all fire districts, whether they be volunteer, paid or part paid. Topics have included: tax levy and budgets, legal updates, the legal process, labor contracts, promotional process and an open forum where members can share ideas with their peers. This conference is held in February on a Friday through Sunday.


All members receive our quarterly newsletter Fire Guard. This newsletter is mailed to each trustee, fire commissioner and fire chief of a member district. In addition, it is mailed to every legislator in the state, as well as, each associate member.

The NIAFPD Membership Directory is provided to member districts and associate members and includes information on each member district as well as information on wages and benefits provided by districts. The directory is updated annually.


District Membership is open to all Fire Districts geographically located in the northern one-half of the State of Illinois. Associate Membership is available to the friends of the Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts. Any person not working in the field, but who have an interest in fire protection. Patrons and vendors of the Alliance and/or companies who have an interest in the fire protection movement and who wish to contribute to the support of the Alliance. An Emeritus Membership is open to any person who has been actively involved as a district trustee, commissioner, executive officer, or administrator of a member district or a district eligible for membership in the Alliance.


  • District Membership $250.00

Lobbyist Assessment Fee to be determined

based on annual assessed valuation

  • Associate Membership $350.00

  • Emeritus Membership $


An annual meeting of the membership is held at the NIAFPD annual conference in February. One other meeting of the membership is held in conjunction with our Fall Seminiar at a location set by the Board of Directors, usually a member district facility.


Only through a unified, coordinated, efficient organization can the Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts attain the goals all fire districts should strive for.


We are sure that you will benefit from membership in the Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts and know that we will benefit from your ability, dedication, and participation.

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