Message from the President - Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection District

April, 2018


Well, it just might be spring. At least that’s what my calendar tells me!


As you will read about in Ron Kubicki’s report, Illinois sent a delegation of 19 fire service representatives to Washington D.C. 
to participate in the Congressional Fire Services Institute in April. Of those in the state delegation, 3 represented the NIAFPD; Executive Director Kathy Haage, Legislative Liaison Ron Kubicki and myself as NIAFPD President. This is an important effort
that the NIAFPD co-sponsors every year with the IAFPD and IFCA.


I have to say that I was awed by the participation and organization of our team and the access we were granted to our congressional representatives’ and senators’ offices. We were in continuous motion and were able to pack in visits with Senator Durbin and 6 congressmen in person.  We also met with the staffs of Senator Duckworth and 9 other congressmen and congresswomen. We presented each legislator with a hotsheet of pressing bills and initiatives that would greatly benefit and help to protect emergency responders and the public we serve.

We also urged all of the Illinois legislators whose offices we visited to join the Congressional Fire Services Caucus if they were 
not already members. This bipartisan caucus is one of the largest on Capitol Hill and serves as a forum for education and discussion on a broad 
range of issues that impact the readiness and response capabilities of our nation’s first responders to all forms of hazards.

I want to send a huge thank you to Ron Kubicki for his organizational skills and for making this a powerful and highly influential exercise for not only the NIAFPD but for all of the Illinois Fire Service.

It is activities like this that make it clearly evident that the NIAFPD is truly an important and influential organization for the Illinois Fire Service 
and I am always humbled to represent all of you.


Nick Kosiara
President NIAFPD